Loadcells (Tension Transducers)


Load Cell This 2-Wire Loop-Powered 4-20 mA device is unique. Only 2 Wires (Screened twisted pair recommended) are needed to completethe circuit.We manufacture 2-Wire Loop Powered Tension Transducers that are widely used for conveyor tension measurement-we have supplied over 1400 rugged Tension Transducers purely for conveyors.

       Three Models available:

1.   TCLT-40 - 4 to 40kN

2.   TCLT-80 - 8 to 80kN

3.   TCLT-160 - 16 to 160kN

       Connects directly to any 4-20mA Analogue Input. 

The EGT Controller includes the 24VDC Loop Supply and the dual instrumentation measurement systems compare the supply current to the return current to verify the transducer loop integrity.....................................Download Catalogue


Load Cell Display Panel


    Available as

    1. AC Line Powered
    2. In-Line Current loop Powered
    3. Battery powered





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