Tension Transducers


Tension Transducers (Load Cell) This 2-Wire Loop-Powered 4-20 mA device is unique. Only 2 Wires (Screened twisted pair recommended) are needed to complete the circuit.The EGT Controller includes the 24VDC Loop Supply and the dual instrumentation measurement systems compare the supply current to the return current to verify the transducer loop integrity.




Tension Controllers


Tension is mechanically adjusted typically with a Take-Up/Follow-Up Trolley/Carriage and Motorised Winch (with fast brake). A Tension Load Cell is fitted at the fixed end of the winch rope.
The EGT2420 Controller monitors the belt running status (Stationary, Starting, Running and Stopping) and selects the required tension level and commands the winch to respond as necessary.  
 A simple 2-wire connection (+ common) to the main conveyor control implements the synchronisation of the EGT controller to the conveyor control sequence




Take-up WInch Motor Control Centres (MCC)

Available as:

1.      Automatic Systems

a) Forward/Reverse

b) AC Variable Drive

2.      Manual Tension Control with PLC Linking


Tension Displays


The Tension displays are available in the following variations

  • AC Line Powered
  • In-Line Current Loop-Powered
  • Battery Powered








  • Manual Remote panels with Tension Display for automatic Systems
  • Brake prerelease Timers

     The following electronic Modules are held in stock

         TCLT-40/80 Two-Wire Load Cell

         Terminal Box for TCLT-80

         Cable for TCLT-80

         VKM-042 Complete Rack for EGT2420

         MDM-008 Measure/Display Module

         LDM-121 Loop Measure/Display Module

         TPS-091 Power Supply Module

         TPS-107L Power Supply Module

         ACM-131 1 x 3 Level Analogue Module

         ACM-135 5 x 3 Level Analogue Module

         MIC-114 Microcontroller Module

         TCM-145 Encoder Module

         Opto Isolated Input and Output Modules





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