Brief History of Iptron Technology cc

    Iptron Technology cc was born out of Numeritech (Pty) Ltd, a company started by Ian Plunkett in a business arrangement with a silent partner.  The company planned to take advantage of previous experience in Industrial Metrologyand CNC Automation of Machine Tools.  However, the company opted to manufacture their own Load Cells with the 6T4/120. A varient of this was approved as Intrinsically Safe along with EGT-2000I and supplied to many Coal Mines.

    In 1991 Numeritech was reformed in to Iptron Technology cc. Over the years ongoing development brought CAD PC Board layout -leading to the second generation EGT2420 system. Conveyor Tension Control became our specialisation. The need for improvements in higher integrity of measurement, lead to development of our unique Two-Wire Loop-Powered Load Cell - this was complemented with our LDM-121 Loop Measure Display Module which measures both the Load Cell input current and the supply current to effect a DC Earth Leakage with a very low threshold.

    Our reputation for producing reliable equipment has pulled us through the conveyor industry, With development and innovation ongoing, we have pioneered and continue to lead the field of Tension Control.

    What are we today?

    Still a small company with a passion for innovation and excellence.  All the system modules are redesigned to include Microcontroller logic, the revolutionary 2-Wire Loop-Powered Load Cell to complement the innovative DC Earth leakage to provide a ‘high integrity’ measurement.  Our technical achievements speak for themselves:

    1)       Development of the world’s first and only Two-Wire Loop-Powered Load Cell.

    2)        Two-Wire Measurement System with DC Earth Leakage on Load Cell.

    3)          Switch selectable control philosophies

    4)            Multi-Level Systems for multi-material belts.

    5)             Battery powered Tension Meters

    6)              High quality Winch MCC panels.

     Many systems have been commissioned over the years. Our primary market is South Africa, with exports to Chile, Turkey, Canada, Guinea, Ghana, Mali, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia.
    Some spin off developments include multi-level systems, as well as Intrinsically Safe Systems approved by the South African Bureau of Standards

    What happens next?

    The current system has been in the mature stage for some years.  Brake performance and mechanical problems, have always been a troublesome area.  We have looked at various methods of monitoring to flag problems as they arise and this has been the driving force behind our new design.  Various designs were done over the past 15 years and this long process is about to give birth to a radical new system.

    Why do we need tobe an approved supplier?

    We design and manufacture technical equipment, and offer Technical Support and backup. By allowing us to be your supplier, you allow us to better understand your needs and provide you with quality service timeously.



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